A Squishy Excursion at Emigrant Lake

Parenting changes when your kids decide that they want to be teenagers. They become more independent and self reliant, while at the same time still remaining needy little baby birds. Its weird. 

So I have decided to take every advantage over the few remaining years to spend time with these moody critters as a family. We took a short adventure to Emigrant Lake today. Originally it was going to be a much more involved trip with kayaks and picnics, but we ended up shaving it down to a quick stack of burritos from Ruby’s and exploring lesser accessed portions of the lake. 

Enter Songer Wayside, an access to the lake just a few miles out Highway 66. We discovered it at the beginning of summer on our trip to Hyatt Lake, and have only just organized ourselves to make an excursion to actually explore this unknown to us access to the lake. 

It was a fun little excursion. The lake is at a super low point being the end of summer, so much of the area near the parking lot was dry spongy lake bed, I lovingly described the scene as one which reminds me of what it would be like to traverse the surface of a day old turd. But the beautiful greenery sprouting up around the terraced water lines, and the brisk stream cutting through the soft earth and flowing into the lake made the moonscape much more charming.

waterline at emigrant lake

Emigrant Lake
Dry Lakebed

One more note about Songer Wayside. Beware the bathroom. I discovered this after a frantic and clenched waddle I had to make from half way across the lake to perform a very demanding #2. I was reluctant to make the very uncomfortable journey and leave my family in the slushy-like lake bed, as I have seen enough murder mysteries to know that if they disappeared, I would be the first suspect…but the call to squat was just too strong and I knew in my present state I would be no help in a crisis anyway. 

Upon arriving at the public restroom the first discovery I made was a door which does not lock, good sign, leaving me lingering in terror that someone would spring into the room to criticize/admire my bathroom habits. Not an optimal environment for a pleasant BM. So after rushing my job another surprise greeted me. The door latch jams shut and you have to slam yourself into the door to get the hell out, it’s fun. Which made for a charming story to tell upon returning to the family.